Chicago Bible Institute does not discriminate based on race, sex, or church affiliation.

Admissions Policy

  • Acceptance of the CBI Doctrinal Statement
  • Completion of the application
  • Ability to read and write basic English
  • Willingness to work in harmony with Christians of various backgrounds

Financial Policy

  • All courses are tuition-free.
  • Students will pay full price for their text books.
  • Arrangements will be made if you cannot afford to pay for your book.

Children Policy
CBI does not provide child care. Consequently, parents are encouraged to make arrangements for a baby-sitter off-site.

Student Guidelines
Our goal is to assist the student to learn more about the Scriptures and apply what they learn. To facilitate this, we have set up some student guidelines. We believe that if we all follow these guidelines and policies, this will make for an optimum learning environment for each student.

Attendance Policy

  • Students are expected to be on time, and they cannot be more than thirty minutes late (each class will have a sign in/out sheet to ensure compliance of the school policy).
  • Students must stay for at least one hour and a half in order to receive credit for attendance.
  • Students must attend at least eleven out of thirteen sessions to receive credit for all courses and five out of six sessions to receive credit for all workshops.
  • The instructor can assign an extra school project if for an unforeseeable reason the student falls short of any of the requirements above.

Academic Policy

  • The course syllabus will have the course requirements clearly stating how to pass the class with a description of the assignments.
  • The student will pass the class and receive a certificate for the course, only if he or she:
    • Completes the reading assignments
    • Turn in their projects
    • Meet the attendance requirement
  • The student will receive one credit per class completed and 1/2 credit for every workshop completed.

Guidelines for School Conduct

  • There must be mutual respect between the teacher and the students.
  • The teacher reserves the right to use a particular version of the Bible. The student is free to use their personal preference as long as they respect others concerning this issue.
  • In fairness to students, please refrain from making numerous comments to allow the teacher to get through their material and also give other students to ask questions for clarification.
  • If students are required in a course to do study questions and/or reading assignments, those who have not done their assignments must refrain from making comments in class.
  • CBI does not provide childcare. Please make arrangements for a baby-sitter off-site.
  • Required books must be purchased at full price. Arrangements can be made with the Dean.

General Item
When we experience inclement weather you can contact the dean before 4:00 PM at (847) 394-8661 to find out whether we will have classes or not.