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Old Testament

and the Holy Spirit


Writing Skills

Johannine Literature
(Gospel of John 1,2,3 John & Revelation)

Sin and Salvation


Christian Literature

*Pauline Epistles
(Roman, Galatians,
Ephesians, etc)

New & Old Testament Survey

Power Encounter

Public Speaking


Church History

Experiencing God

Preaching Class

Psalms & Proverbs

Christian Ethics


Sermon Outlines

(Matthew, Mark & Luke)

Unity of the Bible

Care of the Souls

Creative Writing

Petrine Literature
(1&2 Peter)

New & Old Testament Theology


Teaching Workshop

*Specific courses may vary from year to year.

Course Grid Description

To fulfill CBIís purpose statement and provide a well-rounded Christian Educational experience, Chicago Bible Institute has four grids:

Grid 1 - Bible Courses

These courses focus on specific books of the Bible.  The main objectives are to teach the students how to be active readers, how to understand the Bible in its historical/grammatical context, and how to apply the Bible to their daily life.  Our methodology is inductive.  Students learn the art of asking questions from the text to discover the authorís intent.

Grid 2 Ė Theology Courses

These courses look at the Bible as a whole and allow the students to discover what the Bible says on various subjects.  Students learn how to evaluate cultural ideas, and address ethical concerns and lifestyle issues from a Biblical standpoint.  Our courses are designed to teach and encourage students to think from a Christian Worldview.  Our goal in these courses is to declare ďthe whole counsel of GodĒ (c.f., Acts 20:27).

Grid 3 Ė Ministry Courses

Our ministry courses are designed to strengthen leadership skills so that students will effectively carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.  They are also designed to encourage and teach students to use their gifts to care for the souls of women and men in the power of the Holy Spirit.  In these courses, students discover that the foundation of all ministry is intimacy with Christ and to be containers of Godís glory.

Grid 4 Ė Communication Courses

Our communication courses sharpen the studentís writing and speaking skills and include courses such as Creative Writing, Public Speaking and Preaching.  We believe that there is a direct correlation between a studentís ability to write and speak.  We believe that if the studentís written skills are improved, their verbal skills will be enhanced as well.

In Regards to preaching and teaching, students are encouraged to keep their finger on the text as they communicate Godís Word.  They are encouraged to preach the Gospel in creative ways.  They are also encouraged to seek the sacred anointing of the Holy Spirit so that the hearerís ďfaith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God!Ē (1 Cor. 2:3-5).

I first heard this insight from Dr. Walter Kaiser.


Chicago Bible Institute classes are located at:

Greater Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church
2255 S. Millard Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60623
Phone: (847) 394-8661


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